My Actifit Report Card: May 4 2021

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Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday is ladies Bible study and I was looking forward to it. Our group was just 3 today as a couple of the ladies were in Florida-one visiting with her dad after the passing of her mom, and the other on vacation. It was a good study.

I came home and after fixing lunch for @silvertop, we headed out with Jan at 2:30 for a hike. It was sunny but with big fat fluffy clouds and a bit coolish. I had 3 snail baby saves today. Two 6 year olds and one 5 year old.

These were the 6 year olds.

This was the 5 year old.

After the hike I made coffees and read for a bit.

@silvertop just called me outside. He was mowing and ran across a baby bunny 🐰. Fortunately he didn’t hurt it. I picked him up and checked him out. He was perfect. We decided not to mow there until the babies have time to grow up. I didn’t find any others so that’s good. No one was harmed.

Tomorrow begins my work week. The doc is still on vacation in Florida ( why is everybody I know going there, lol), so it just me , myself and I tomorrow and Thursday. Then he’s back on Friday and had better bring his tennis shoes as we are seriously booked🤪

That’s gonna be it for now. @actifit-lamb reminds us to get those @actifit hooves movin, whether hiking, gardening, walking or whatever. You’ll be glad you did! Take care’ 👣🐑😁🤗🐌☕️🐰😁😴
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