An Example Email to Negotiate Your Package

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Congraluations! You have nailed the job offer. Don't accept it too quickly - be open to negotiate, be honest.

Here is an example email - please tailor to fit your needs.

Dear XXX:

Thank you very much for the offer details and hope you have a nice week so far!

I thought through the package and would like to understand from you if we can improve the equity?

To be honest, I was aiming for XXXX as target compensation for year 1. I know it will be hard for you to increase the base and that's why I was hoping to understand if we can improve the equity?

As you may be aware, XXXXX is what I'm currently making in XXXXXX, and as far as I know, XXXXX offer is for a [senior] role, thus I am definitely looking for a step up in my career for my next role.

Considering the fact that XXXX stocks have [doubled/tripled] since I joined, the loss of unvested stocks, and also loss of promotion at XXXXX (currently I am on track for promotion), could we add equity XXXXX to each year?

Please let me know your thoughts, I know it is slightly more compared to what I'm earning now at XXXXX. The next company I join will be a big life decision for me, and I take my commitments very seriously.

Many thanks again.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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