If Elon Musk is looking for a Crypto that runs on Solar he should check out Blurt

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I’m not saying all Blurt crypto mining happens on Solar Energy but here on @offgridlife we run all our devices with Solar.... we have earned almost 1/2 a million Blurt with Solar Power.

How about that eh !

Our Small Solar panels and Offgrid Solar back pack...

It’s easy. Plug your device into the Lithium battery that comes with the Solar backpack, log into https://Blurtter.com and earn Blurt crypto blogging on Blurt.

It is the most environmentally friendly crypto on this planet ... and soon the Moon and Mars ... everywhere there is sun.





Note: We also earned over $ 50,000 USD in Steem, Tron, PNUT and Bitcoincash running Steemit and Noise.Cash on Solar. It adds up.

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This is absolutely true! Too many people are acting salty while I think this was long overdue. BTC is harming both the planet and cryptoshpere. I see BTC as something similar to dial-up internet. It proved the concept and we should have moved on to better things ages ago.

BLURT is a solid project and I'm not planning on selling anytime soon. I have HODLed my original stake and I have been growing it by posting at least few times a week.

Let's not forget that BLURT can store your data at ultra low cost too. It is crazy expensive to add anything to BTC while you can easily use BLURT as an archive.

Blurt is the #1 best Blockchain on the planet.... Created by 2 Geniuses. @megadrive and @jacobgadikian

Lucky you. Blurt loves you .

Blurt loves you too.

Yes , I know . Lucky for us . We 're lucky to be in this group from every place in the world .

Yes Elon should ...

I’ll let him know on Twitter

Yes, good idea!

Blurt to the moon

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Pretty sure you could run a Blurt Raspberry Pi witness on solar power.

I am going to buy one and try... I will have my iPad, raspberry pi running on Solar here in Canada. Will make a Video for the Youtube Channel. Maybe we could get Tesla / Solar City to provide some larger Solar Panels to try.

yeah that would be cool, keep us updated on progress!