True happiness and freedom

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Doing what you love is freedom
Loving what you do is happiness

A world of freedom and true happiness is what I dream about

Happiness means different things, it's different for everyone, it could be doing what you want, to love and be loved, have a good time and be really free. Life is too short, one minute you're alive and the next minute you're dead so why don't we do what we want with the little time we have on earth as long as we are not hurting anyone?

Happiness is an inside job, true happiness do not lie in the hands of anyone else but you and to unlock this kind of happiness because freedom is needed, freedom and happiness are strongly linked. No one can be happy if they are denied the freedom to do things they love when they want, everyone can feel relaxed when they are satisfied with life.

My dream is to see a world filled with people who are genuinely happy and free, not one filled with bright smiles and hidden inner struggles and depression with absolutely no one to talk to.
A world with kinder people that listens, encourages people and pays more attention to feelings, mental health and stress, a world that is less focused on the externals.


Drawing process





Have a wonderful day

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