Blurt Economic Indicators - 25 April 2021

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Finally getting into the swing of this, so shall try to post near the end of each weekend.

Would be good to have other metrics such as new users, posts per day etc, but those will require some automated way of collecting such data for presentation.

Blurt Economic Indicators

BLURT Supply = 418.6 million
Vested BLURT = 49.2% (-0.4)

Reward Pool = 1.82 million BLURT (rising)
Recent Claims = 85.1 TRshares (falling)

Vote Yield upper estimate (500k BP) = 59.7% APR (rising)
Vote Yield lower estimate (500 BP) = 38.8% APR (rising)

Author/Curation Yield lower estimate = 19.4% APR (half of the Vote Yield)

You can also see the raw numbers on a blockchain explorer.


At the forthcoming HF6, we shall be changing the reward formula again, at which point I shall publish just one average Vote Yield. Further changes require more intricate coding and can wait a few months for the Blurt economy to develop. I know that this has been in the works for some time, but there remain some unresolved issues.

The rising and falling indicators all relate back to the last post, so changes will be quite small.

Yields have risen further this week, with also a rise in the reward pool and a fall in recent claims. There remains a secondary effect of the Foundation delegations being removed. What it also means is that votes are currently worth more per Blurt Power held. Those projects that I see being built, and some new users, will thus be able to grow faster during this period.

A comparison with the other Graphene chains done using the DLease delegation rates.

Steem DLease rates: max 32.3% APR (average 25.3%)
Hive DLease rates: max 15.1% APR (average 9.0%)

Those rates have always tracked the profitability of each chain and have the advantage of being one simple number.

Although Vote Yields are expressed in terms of financial returns, they are also fundamental expressions of the level of activity on each chain relative to the coin minting rate.

The very high value for Steem is due to two effects: the addition of TRX earnings; and the very high value of SBD.

As we don't seem to have a functioning price feed on the explorers, these price snapshots may also help users decide where to trade BLURT.

Ionomy/Probit: 12/13 sats/BLURT (approx $0.0063)
Hive-Engine: 0.012/18 HIVE/BLURT (approx $0.0067)

The HIVE market appears to be the most active and the most volatile, so these are numbers for the current price range and best conversion to USD.

I hope these numbers will give members some insights into how the Blurt economic system is managed and, more importantly, how each individual user can both benefit from and affect the whole chain.

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Very valuable information to analyze certain aspects.
What can you recommend us to do to users, to help the price of the coin in the market increase in value?
The withdrawal of delegations by the foundation has been positive, but it has also increased the work for curators who wish to support publications, because it requires that a culture of projects or work teams be fostered, so as not to stop voting for who are already animated by publishing.
We have a lot of work ahead but we are all very encouraged and positive.
Good vibes. ;)

There were initiatives on the other chains to guide and motivate new users.
eg plankton and redfish top 20 who power up.
This needs a bit of guidance and the charts do help motivate.
eg power-up to 1000 BLURT.
Especially having removed the vote-dust-threshold, small votes have meaning now.
Many... many users just assume all the graphene chains are the same, so they import their learnt behaviour - they need to be shown that this is not true - and the only way is to show them as their stake increases.
Forget about the price for now - except to stress that it really can only go up from here.

Appreciate the executive economic summary, I still think Blurt has heaps of potential, we just need to get over a few small issues, namely:

  1. image server proxy issue
  2. official frontend fixed and deployed
  3. HF6 sync issue fixed and deployed to give 25% liquid Blurt

We can build on from there and market Blurt more aggressively when these things are sorted.

HF6 sync issue fixed and deployed to give 25% liquid Blurt

Thank you. I had asked here in the comment section about this and scrolling down now see you answered it.

Thanks, yes, we are in a holding pattern at the moment - hopefully won't last long.
Then can focus on UX.

Thank you for keeping us updated. I vote you over a machine any day.

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Has there been any word on when they will implement being able to get a percentage of rewards liquid? I had thought it was going to take place in the last HF, and sadly I have no power down left at Hive to use for liquid. Worst case scenario I can power some down if need be, but would prefer not to.

Nevermind, I see that Megadrive answered this as I worked my way down the comments. Appreciate your weekly analyses, and explains why I watched last weeks post climb in value daily with no new votes.