BLURT Trading Note - 23 April 2021

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I think this is the first time I've published a "Trading Note". It's often the kind of thing brokers send to their clients. I've written a lot about the Blurt economy, but not so much about the BLURT token.

As you will know, BTC has dropped some 10% and, as of writing, is well under $50k and looks set to fall further, possibly to around the next support at $42-43k. Much of the rest of the crypto market has followed the slide down, but I note that many coins are also falling in both USDT and BTC terms.

However, BLURT remains stationary. This means that a price of 12 sats is now worth under 0.6 cents, when it was trading just above 1 cent a few days ago. The yield on staked BLURT tokens is unaffected and remains high, so there is no good economic reason to follow the herd.

Indeed, if we take the current baseline for BLURT as $0.01, that is today equivalent to 20 sats.

Even on Hive-Engine, HIVE has now fallen to just 40 cents, so BLURT should be priced at about 0.02500 HIVE.

Today, under these conditions, BLURT is a BUY.

BLURT can also be traded on Probit and Ionomy.

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I buy Blurt every day.... With whatever I have sitting on Hive-Engine.

A good buy indeed!