My Dairy Post // Programming Language Class // 11th June 2021

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Hello friends, hope you all had a great day?
I am @ononiwujoel and today I'll be sharing my diary with you. I really do hope you find my day interesting.


My Dairy

Woke up at about 7:20am this morning. Surprised right? Yea I slept very late last night because I was reading different posts and searching out information on several communities in Steemit till almost 1:00am.


Just woke up

I got ready to go out after deciding I'll be fasting today even though there was actually no laid down prayer points.
I'll be going for a class for python programming language which I enrolled in not too long ago, about one week today or so and it has been really interesting and confusing at the same time.


Me on my way to class

It seems everyone is on high spirits today which is very unusual, because this place is always very quiet with everyone looking dead serious and all of that phew.
It was from this moment I decided that I'll be making my diary post today.

Well, lectures began and was a kind of easier to comprehend today.
We learnt the basics of python programming language and stuffs like;

  • history of python programming language
  • uses of python programming language
  • variables
  • inputs
  • functions etc
    My main motive for learning python is for backend web development. I have been on a course for Web development for some months now and have covered frontend dev. So I want to use python for backend.




I finally went to a nearby restaurant for lunch before going home. I had Jollof rice


After eating I went home and straight to bed. This is how my day was today.


In traffic on my way home

Thanks for reading and do have a great night

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By @ononiwujoel

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