The process of working on a new painting

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Hello my dears! The process of working on a new painting. At first I planned to paint a completely different picture. I wanted to draw a man and a woman, then something went wrong and I decided to draw a woman. I think I found the style that I like to draw the most. It is very difficult to find your own style, your technique. But I love to draw the sea, so maybe someday I'll try to draw the sea using this technique. Yes, and I like to draw girls)

Material: canvas 50X40, acrylic paints, brushes.

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That's looking like a really nice piece! Hopefully you'll share the final product.

Of course I will send it soon)
Thank you so much)

Beautiful work.

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you like)

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Will this on be for sale on Blurt too ? It’s a masterpiece.

I think yes. If it can be done) I would be glad

Hopefully we can build a Blurt Art Auction House for all the Great Artists here on Blurt. And all the Artists of the World can earn a living here on Blurt.

thanks for shearing, really beatifull...

Many thanks)