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 process. My work with acrylic. Acrylic is a new material for me.

I decided to try something new in painting, this time it is acrylic.  Paint with acrylic paints is no more difficult than watercolor. At the  same time, the finished picture does not need to be treated with fixing  compositions - the paints are highly resistant, do not fade and are not  afraid of water.  

  • 1 sketch.

I drew all the details with a simple pencil. She was not afraid of  pencil movements, because the sketch. After its completion, I will draw  the finished drawing on a new sheet. 

  • 2. background

You need to moisten the palette for acrylic paints with water - for this you need a bottle of spray. Need absorbent paper. Observe the transparency of the paint: the more water, the more transparent the strokes will be. 

  • 3.Main drawing

Some secrets:

Paints upon drying substantially darken. It is better to use a plastic palette - it is practical and easy to  clean. Do not forget about clean water, in which you will rinse your  brushes. 

 Acrylic paints are water based and do not require special thinners. Paints do not turn yellow and do not cause allergies. 

 For a palette suitable dense sheet of plastic or cardboard. Put  a file on it. A dirty file is thrown away, and a solid base can serve  for a very long time. 

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