I prepared for you a very juicy and sweet art - cherries 🍒

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Hello kittens! I prepared for you a very juicy and sweet art - cherries  🍒 

Drawing this picture I really wanted to summer. I want heat, so that  the sun would shine and warm, I want vegetables and fruits, I want to  walk more, I want the day to be longer, I want to travel) This is my second acrylic painting.❤️ I used to paint with  watercolors. Now I want to learn the technique of writing paintings  acrylic. I hope I will succeed. It's my goal. It's my wish) 

My new picture - cherries

Material: acrylic

Pencil sketching

I always sketch with a pencil before taking the paint in my hands.  Even if you do a fuzzy under framing, at least outline the boundaries 

 I love whitewash, because it is they who help highlight all the details, show where the light falls from. By the way, the background background I also made bright, but not so  bright as the cherries themselves, so that the cherries are not lost in  the background. 

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