🙃 I'm happy that you are here ❤️

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Hi 🙃! I'm happy that you are here ❤️ thank you all for your kind words, I see everything and read everything, I always appreciate it 💕🤗 I want to support everyone who is tired of working days, Thursday is a little Friday 😉 a little more and the weekend, you can sleep take a little longer and relax! Early relaxation! ☺️

So I decided to give you a creative evening today, lol. Material: Canvas, acrylic.

Below is a bit of the process, well, you have already seen it)

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Early relaxation!

Haha, I think that painting is all about relaxation!

Yeah that's what I thought as well

  ·  last month (edited)

Bidding On Painting Suggestive of Fellatio

Opening price: 30 kb

Auction closes 7:41 PM Saturday Hanoi Time January 23

Hi !!! How are you. I wanted to know how the auction went))


  ·  last month (edited)

I bid 30 kb for the painting suggestive of fellatio

I bid 30kb for the painting suggestive of fellatio

30 kb - how much is this? I don't know the meaning)))

The painting has been sold to me for 30,000 blurt and I am sending payment now.

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you !!!!
Congratulations on your purchase.
Where should you send the picture?

We should talk about that off-chain, on discord or twitter.

twitter is @gadikian

  ·  last month (edited)

I wrote to you on twitter)

Thank you so much)
Where to send the painting?
I need to know to fill in the mail.
You can write to me on instagram facebook vkontakte.

30 kilo blurt

30,000 blurt

Now everything is clear)
Thank you.

Is this for sale?

  ·  last month (edited)

Good day. @jacobgadikian
You can write to me on Instagram if you have one.)))

We are going to auction here, on Blurt.

Ill open the bidding, which closes 7 days from now. What price shall we open bidding at?

30 thousand BLURT

NFT is a good idea

Not needed in this case... But it is still a goos idea. V Systems is working on an NFT standard and we will integrate that.

Why create NFT when we already have Blurt ? I never understood the need for NFT ? Seems way too complicated.

What would be great is Blurt at $1 so that 30,000 Blurt = $30,000 USD or .8 Bitcoin

NFTs are great, but they're not explicitly needed here.