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Hello! Well, you can paint pictures day and night)) Today I will start a new picture, there will also be a marine theme - a sailboat. Although I still can’t finish the little picture, I have put it off for now. I want to write it with inspiration, and not force myself.
Today is a watercolor portrait. A3 format. Material: watercolor, watercolor paper. Also a bit of a process.

Process 👩🏻‍🎨

Well, the process is not a lot, but at least something I have not deleted from my +100500 photos)

I have a lot of sketches for watercolor, but when I started to paint with acrylic, as the watercolor went away, I only paint portraits to order. Although I can’t say that I don’t like watercolor or I like to paint more with acrylic. No. I love watercolor, it’s so cozy to sit with it, make seagulls from lemons and fill in) There is no dirt, no debris, not a lot of dirty rags))) A couple of napkins, a couple of jars of water, mostly 2-3 brushes, and the watercolor itself .

When I write with acrylic, the whole table is littered with brushes, paints, a palette, jars, rags and so on. I love order, even when I write I try to keep order, creative mess is not for me. It seems to me who has a creative mess in that and the usual everyday mess. I need to learn how to immediately paint the colors that I will write, but I can’t do it, I take all the colors, all the tubes, different company white, different black and so on))) I need everything to be at hand. I hope to get rid of this habit)

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