The goal of digital Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is an independent country achieved by the great liberation struggle. Bangladesh, founded in 1971, is now a developing country. After its founding, the war-torn country began to fight for oil. Although 47 years of independence have passed, progress has been unexpected in the establishment of a successful Bangladesh. The reasons for this - not advances in modern science, lack of morals, not building skilled workers, inequality etc. So there has been a decline in development. Digital methods can play an effective role in reducing this decline.

Digital Bangladesh
The formation of Digital Bangladesh
Digital objectives for Bangladesh:
The Prime Minister has issued a landmark announcement to make Bangladesh digital Bangladesh by 2020. With digital Bangladesh we mean various activities across the country through current computer networks and internet programs, that is, using modern technology. What every citizen of the country can expect is a non-racial, non-poverty, happy, non-discriminatory democracy. And digital technology will be the driving force behind that trend. Digital Bangladesh aims to take the quality of life of the people to the highest level through the use of digital technology, to build a technology-based lifestyle and to build a knowledge-based society. In the meantime, plans have been made to build a skilled workforce to build digital Bangladesh.

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