What to do and what not to do to raise wages.

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Many people think, 'If you talk about increasing your income, you will lose your job'. But Poppy Jamieson, founder of technology website The Dots, sees the idea as "absurd."

Here is a list of do's and don'ts.

Do the right research

Get relevant information by talking to others about whether your salary is right for your position.

Office partners, admin people, various hiring agencies and more are trying to figure out how your position pays. After knowing and understanding well, this time you are driving your value.

Don't ask for an unplanned salary increase

Tisha Fison has been working for the NHS for six months. Then one day he decided to ask for an increase in his salary.

But if your supervisors ask you to increase your salary, why should your salary increase? Tisha Fayson said she felt ignorant as she did not get an answer to this question.

So in these cases, experts advise that your costs have gone up, you can no longer meet the costs, you can say these things.

Instead of saying that, ask them to increase their salary by explaining how your work benefits your company.

Choose a good time

It is better not to ask for a salary increase. You need to choose the right time to make this claim.

Experts believe that once a company has achieved great success and when it begins to budget for an organization, it is time to ask for a raise.

It is wrong to ask for a regular salary increase

If your salary has gone up over the past year, pull your own rush. It is wrong to ask for a salary increase too often even if you want to. Charlotte Green, a career coordinator, thinks that honesty, integrity and hard work increase wages.

Are you getting the right salary structure?

Many companies these days are adjusting their salary structure. As a result, in most cases there is no opportunity for private negotiations. Giving different employees different salaries for the same job can create dissatisfaction.

You want more than just the distance

Experts think it is inappropriate to 'raise the bar'. If the salary is to be increased, then it is better to ask for a higher salary than the current one.

Be sure

Be sure to negotiate a salary. Talk to your caregiver. Present your argument firmly. Speaking of raising wages for the first time, Fayson, who was shocked, also advised self-confidence.

Do not panic when you speak

Don't be alarmed if you negotiate an increase in your salary. Do not hesitate to speak to the owners. Also, there is no need to talk too much to eliminate discomfort.

Avoid misunderstandings

Avoid vague comments when asked to raise wages. Be specific about how much you want to share or how much you want to increase. If you want to know why, make a comment about it.

Talk about the future

Working in an office means more than just pay. There are many additional problems. Also talk about changes in office hours, holidays, etc., which can increase or decrease the enjoyment of office work. If necessary, ask them to change their names and increase their salary.

Do not give up

This is a competitive market. Perhaps for some reason the owner may underestimate your talent, qualifications, skills. Do not lose heart. If your qualifications are better, the company will attract more qualified employees to your team at a higher price

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