📷 Agrotour in the Kuban capital

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Greeting to all Blurtorians! Have a nice day! Today I will show you the photos that I took at one of the largest exhibitions of our region, "Agrotour". Of course, I won't be able to tell you everything at once, but I'll try to make a small photo review.

On Pushkin Square and in the park near the monument to Catherine II, kureni from all over the Kuban are located to show the attractiveness of rural recreation and tourism, the products of the regions of our sunny region.

Conducted exciting workshops on the decoration of the caravan.

The whole territory was beautifully decorated, everywhere they built huts, wells, installed a fence, observation towers, tried to recreate the situation of the past years.

Folk amateur groups also came to the fair. There was music and beautiful Kuban songs.

Artists performed on the main stage all day.

Those interested could take photos in various photo zones.

The kids also could not miss such bright decorations. And here what just was not :-)

Treats were prepared in the ovens. Baking cakes and pies, pie and various pastries.

You could taste and learn the recipe of your favorite delicacy. For my taste, these pies were juicy and appetizing.

It is a pity that the delicious and fragrant oil was in another kuren, they would have been placed next to the stove :-)

Each district of the Krasnodar Territory tried to bring the best, and from Tuapse even topiary delivered (probably proud of it).

It was very interesting to look at everything and take pictures of where else you can see such a samovar...

Pancakes were also served at almost every turn, and buffoons and peddlers carried delicious pastries.

However, their trays were emptied quite quickly :-)

Although if you try everything, you probably wouldn't have the strength to leave on foot. Imagine what there were in the air aromas.

So many different pretzels, buns, donuts, pies, cheesecakes, bagels and cupcakes I have never seen in my life.

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes!


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