"Eat more fruits" . Divine dessert

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"Eat more fruits" . Divine dessert. Ice cream with raspberries, currants, strawberry jam. mmm) very tasty

Hello, kittens! Hungry! Today even more delicious dessert.

Ice cream is traditionally considered one of the most delicious and favorite dishes, the best means for summer heat.

Modern producers also cared about delicacy lovers, watching the figure: they developed a product on a dairy basis without fat, with a special addition "inulin", which allows you to achieve the same taste sensations as in fatty ice cream.


The ice cream contains about 100 valuable substances for the body: more than 20 amino acids of protein, about 25 different fatty acids, 30 mineral salts, important for the metabolism of enzymes, as well as more than 20 different vitamins, phosphorus for bones and growth, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Most of our compatriots love ice cream very much. Some foreigners who were in Ukraine were horrified at home in horror that Ukrainians eat ice cream even in winter, at thirty degrees frost and on the street.

We can say that this is an exaggeration, but in general, everything is correct. In my country, children and adults buy ice cream for any reason: stroking, calming the nerves, "charging" the brains, just satisfying the hunger, cool down on a hot day and others 

Those who scrupulously count calories and are afraid to eat fat again, are completely in vain afraid of ice cream. It turns out that this product has many useful properties. The news is the first and most surprising - in moderate amounts, ice cream contributes to weight loss. The calcium contained in it increases the body's ability to burn fats. 

 Let's look at our dessert a little closer. Just look how you can resist. I certainly ate more than half of this dessert. Already ate the but hand vseravno stretches that would take a fruit and delicious :) 

 Bon Appetit!

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