Boost 1.76.0

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So I've been having exchanges with the team developing Clarion OS and Eden OS and they gave me some ideas on the build system and I kind of applied that although not directly yet...

What I've done so far is bump the version of boost to the very latest one. I still have some warnings to clean up on that but the development branch of alert now uses boost 1.76. boost of course being the leading concurrent C++ programming libraries.

So that's super cool. In other news today, it seems that @saobin need notifications work again and so I think this here's social network is going to feel a lot more social.

Thank you @saobin

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Thanks for the update :-)
You may wish to correct the typo, so that @saboin gets the notification ;-)

I really don't know what are clarion or Eden OS , by OS i can think of operating system but i don't know if i am even correct on that.
I can just hope for your success with what you and the team behind are doing for this platform.
Notifications are working again but few bugs are there.

Great to get these updates and know that development continues behind the scenes.

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As far as I remember Clarion OS was going to be a sort of social network that sought to compete with Facebook OR Twitter. Thanks for keeping us informed about it

I'm so happy for you guys and thanks to @saobin