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Nations are often rated based on their advancement in
the Electrical Engineering field, and it is a veritable index of National development. The Electrical/Electronics Engineering is therefore indispensable. For clarity, Electrical/Electronics Engineering is a twin discipline that obviously constitutes Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering.


An Electrical engineer can be employed in the design and construction of power lines in the control and management of power stations, or in the design and installation of Electrical system and machinery, such as transformers, electric motors and power electronics. Electronics engineering on the other hand, involves the design and testing of electronic circuits that use electronic properties of components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors, to achieve a particular functionality. Electronic engineers designs, develops, researches, tests and supervises the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment.




They play a key role in producing new innovations in household and telecommunication equipment such as the mobile phone, PC, digital cameras, etc. The area of specialty for the Electrical/Electronics Engineer is not only wide but also expanding.
The large pool of knowledge in this field, new discoveries and advancement often provides added room for improving upon existing systems and structures.

These specialties include: Control Engineering, Signal processing, Nanotechnology, telecommunications, power Biomedical Imaging, Embedded systems, to mention but a few.

The Electrical/Electronics engineering field is not a stand-alone profession. Advance in other disciplines trigger a simultaneous growth in the discipline.
There is virtually no industry where the application of Electrical or Electronics engineering is not needed. Thus, the prospect of a bright and rewarding future is assured.

There are many vistas, and opportunities abound for the Electrical Engineer to thrive, Nigeria is presently at a threshold in terms of attaining sustainable energy, and it therefore means that the skills and expertise of an Engineer, well versed in this field is indispensable.

The telecommunication industries are also expanding With increased demands on service providers, there is need for upgrading the present infrastructure to meet those demands. New and more vibrant players have also made a foray into the industry, causing increased competition, and offering better deals The Electrical/Electronics engineer is here also indispensable.

There are many paths to which I can turn from here, but I dare say that the main turn has been made and whichever path thread can only lead to satisfaction. Training others in the future to also become Electrical/Electronics Engineers would also yield satisfaction. It is in this pool of opportunities.

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This post could inspire you in your electrical engineering career @wesp05

WOW, thank you so much for this.
I was reading it, the moment I saw the protoboard I knew I would like the post 😂.
In my university the students of both Engineers fight to think that one is better than the other, although the electronic engineering is a branch of the electrical one 👀.
But it is as you say both are indispensable, both advance simultaneously and have many similarities, even they separate in few things. I think both are important because it is something that will never go out of fashion, electricity is something that is necessary in our lives, and electronic devices and instruments too. You don't know how much the world has changed thanks to the arrival of the pc, and we know that this was possible thanks to the development of its components and parts thanks to electronic/electrical engineers.
The most notable difference that I can say that there is in both university careers, is that the electronic engineers make small circuits, for control or telecommunications or computing, but the electrical engineers are in charge of the distribution of the energy and make circuits for transmissions in cities, a simple error can leave a city without energy.

You are clearly right.
I actually really love electronics engineering, cause it is very practical and gives me room to create cool things applying circuit theory. 😎

Very enlightening , I got to learn the major difference between electrical and electronics , seen they are different but can actually do without eachother !

Was actually a course I would have loved to study but I found myself on a different path.

Thanks for sharing

That is the Nigerian Education system bro😁

Last Last
Life no Balance.

True talk ....
But I know we are going somewhere soon