"Sky: Children of the Light" - Golden Wasteland: Part 01.

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I hope you're having a great day.

Welcome back to see the gameplay of another part of "Sky: Children of the Light".

This is my gameplay walkthrough of the chapter "Golden Wasteland".
Note: Sound is more than half of the experience so you should use a headphone while playing this game or watching videos of this game.


This is the first part out of four of the golden wasteland chapter.
This is the biggest chapter that I've found in this game till now.

So... I found myself (my character) lying unconscious in a dark place and then I woke up and started flying.
This is the first time I've found something that was hitting me for real... a new kind of obstacle and it was like a small frog kinda thing maybe.
Then I followed and revealed a memory.

Well, then I went into a cave and there I've found the most dangerous thing till now.
It's a flying creature that has a light and when it finds us in its light, it attacks.
Whooo so scary.
I was playing the game at late night and I got really scared by the sound of that creature.

After getting some (2 maybe) hits from that creature I finally could pass that place alive but then I've found out 3/4 of that creature where I had to walk so carefully and I somehow passed that place also.

Then I kept moving towards and then I've found a very big palace kinda thing with a big gate where I followed a soul to the highest peak of that place maybe.

This is where I ended this part.

About the game: It's a fantastic fairy tale game and I started playing it some days ago on my android phone.
This is a very interesting game with a cool storyline and sounds.

Sky: Children of the Light - GooglePlay Link for Android.
Official website of Sky: Children of the Light Game.
Sky: Children of the Light | 2020 Website Trailer.

Watch the video to know more.

Source of the thumbnail picture: I took the background image from thatgamecompany which is the official website of this game and then I edited it with Adobe Photoshop and I collected the avatar of me from bitmoji.

"The End"

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