My Actifit Report Card: June 10 2021

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Hey there everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Today was busy at work as the doc was there for a half day of appointments that he usually isn’t. It was not nearly as stressful as yesterday was , although I’m fighting another headache this evening.

Upon arriving home, I fixed a coffee for us and then we met Jan for a hike. We got up to Keith and Lynne’s garden. They must have been hard at work today as we found this inside the fenced area.

There were some shovels and other gardening implements around, but they were up at the house for the evening.

We found out that our neighbor won a body building contest in the middle of May down in Oregon. Who knew? Jan said she’s gonna have to look closer next time we see him lol 😂

I think that’s gonna be it for now. One more day, at it’s the weekend! Hooray!😁. Also, I’ll let you in on a secret………Saturday is @silvertop’s birthday! ( you didn’t hear it from me 🤐🤫)

I think @actifit-lamb is cooking up something for him 🐑💜

Take care all’👣🐑😎☕️☕️🌻☀️🤗
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