A chocolate to brighten my day.

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Greetings my dear friends,

Wao had 11 days without posting...

The truth is that I was a bit sad about a situation that we lived days ago and in reality, I did not have the spirits to publish, but hey, things happen and it is always important to get up in the face of adversity.

Today I am in better spirits and the weather is rainy, but a good hot chocolate can lift anyone's spirits...

I love hot chocolate, it is so delicious and comforting, besides, you know my addiction to chocolate, it is the best that exists in the world hahaha, well in my world... While I wait for the weather to improve, I will looking from my window as the Rain slowly drifts away, sipping my delicious hot chocolate.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I wish you a happy weekend.

All the photos were taken with my Cell phone LG Risio

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Hi @blessed-girl, hope you are fine now.. We missed you in the Pub. Take care.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hi dear, how are you?
Yesterday my husband took us for a walk to get out of the routine. That was relaxing. I felt so much better.
Then when I got there, I went into the Pub, but it was late. I saw the comments and the questions.
How nice @double-u who dedicated the questions to Venezuela, it was also nice that they mentioned me.

You can still leave comments though.. It is stillopen til Sunday. Take care!

Nothing better than a hot chocolate to lift your spirits. I hope you feel better soon

Yeah, thank you :)

Glad you are in better spirits. I checked your blog out manually the other day as I noticed I didn't see anything in awhile in my feed. I only log on once a day and was worried I might have missed your posts.

I too love hot chocolate, although I don't drink it often. I picked up a case of it this morning. I started an overnight job recently and coffee gets old after awhile. Hot chocolate is a great change of pace.

yes, I was 2 weeks without publishing, thank God I already feel better. Chocolate is better than coffee :)

Oh yes, preferably from raw cocoa and maybe a small portion of bourbon vanilla with a pinch of salt.

And tonight in Werner's pub additionally a cappuccino ;-)

Hi, @michelangelo3. hmmm I've never tried it with vanilla, next time I'll do it to see how it tastes.
I prepare it with cinnamon, it gives it a very delicious touch.
Ah I like cappuccino, but I like mokaccino much more... because of the chocolate.
See you at the Werner Pub in a few hours.

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