Alarm again.

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Greetings friends

Last night the president of my country, Venezuela, announced that the new strain of covid-19 is in the country. Despite the fact that the covid has never stopped being there and the numbers have increased in recent days, people were very relaxed, so much so that when I went shopping I was surprised to see people without masks on the street.

People have come to feel that nothing exists and that is why they have lowered their guard in terms of preventive measures.

Today I went to buy some things in the open-air market that they do near my urbanization, and on the way I was able to take those beautiful photos, the sun looked very pleasant which conveys a lot of peace... when arriving at the market, the atmosphere it was kind of awkward. The alarmed people talking about the president's announcements, an epidemiological fence was established in one of the urbanizations near where I live, hence the state of alarm of the neighbors.

I believe that the guard should never have been lowered because the covid never left, but since the new strain exists, I hope that people become aware and are more responsible when it comes to leaving their homes and taking the forecasts seriously, especially those who have children and elderly people in their homes.

We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

All the photos were taken with my phone LG Risio

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