Early hope.

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Greetings friends,

Yesterday, like every day, when I woke up I looked out the window to see the sunrise, it is something that encourages me every day and makes my heart happy. With the cold it is difficult for me to get out of bed and that is why I got up later, so I could not appreciate the sunrise as in other days, however it was still a beautiful sight.


I liked that solar flare and it led me to take these photos that I share here, I felt as if hope openly shows us from the sky confirming that this year we must continue with more strength and energy and that everything will pass.

It invites us to think about all the good things that God gives us every day and that from very early they are there on our way around us and that the light will always drive away all darkness.


That is the brightness that should be in our eyes like that of a child with his look full of hope every day, because they always think that everything is fine, whatever happens.

Never let hope fade.

Happy Week.

All photos were taken with my LG Risio phone.

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God is wonderful dear...

Lovely piece. Kudos!

Thank you.

Good Day!!

It's very good in the feeling to have grattitude for small and big things in our life , everyday i love to thank God for every thing i can do , nice to meet you , keep safe

That's right, mainly thank God for everything. Thanks for visiting my post, nice to meet you too.

thank you :)

Hermoso amanecer, gracias por compartirlo.

Gracias por visitar mi publicación.

Feliz Día :)

Nice message!

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excelente constraste de luces hermosas me gusto saludos y exitos