[Eng.-Esp.] A place to relax. - Un lugar para relajarse.

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Greetings steemians.

Saludos steemians.

After having a week of interruption again, I want to share with you photos of the Lagoon that we visited on our walk 2 Sundays ago, located near my urbanization, here in Greater Caracas -Venezuela.

Después de tener nuevamente una semana de interrupción, quiero compartir con ustedes fotos de la Laguna que visitamos en nuestro paseo de hace 2 domingos, ubicada cerca a mi urbanización, aquí en la Gran Caracas -Venezuela.

We used to frequent this place, however there was a time when it was impossible because it was somewhat neglected and it was impossible to walk through the undergrowth, but in January it was possible to recover this beautiful place that now we can enjoy again

Nosotros solíamos frecuentar este lugar, sin embargo hubo un tiempo en que ya no se podía porque estuvo algo descuidada y era imposible transitar entre la maleza, pero en enero fue posible la recuperación de este hermoso lugar que ahora podemos disfrutar nuevamente

In these times of pandemic it is necessary to be able to enjoy these types of places since contact with nature allows our immune system to strengthen and that is good for our health.

En estos tiempos de pandemia es necesario poder disfrutar de este tipo de lugares ya que el contacto con la naturaleza permite que nuestro sistema inmune se fortalezca y eso es bueno para nuestra salud.

Just feeling the fresh air and being still observing the whole landscape is enough to feel that you have had a great relaxing therapy without going that far.

Tan solo sentir el aire fresco y estar quietos observando todo el paisaje, es suficiente para sentir que has tenido una gran terapia relajante sin ir tan lejos.

Todas las fotos fueron tomadas con mi teléfono LG Risio

All the photos were taken with my Cell phone LG Risio

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So glad to see you post again. It had been awhile since your last post and was worried. I know times are so hard there, which makes for some scary situations.

That is a beautiful lagoon. I notice not many people seem to be there, so imagine it was quite peaceful. It reminds me of a park I used to go to (although the water wasn't a lagoon). It had many ducks and turtles. They had signs saying not to feed the ducks, but I always did. I got bothered about it once and told the park ranger I was feeding the turtles, even though there were more than a dozen ducks there eating. He laughed and left me alone.

In this lagoon there were many turtle s and smallcrocodiles but I don't know why when we went there were not.
On Wednesday the president announced that the new strain of covid arrived in my country and there were 2 confirmed cases in the urbanization where this beautiful lagoon is located, so we will not be able to go walk in this beautiful place for a long.

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Steemians? Copy-pasting?

I believe another way of viewing this is it is her original work and she is sharing it across multiple channels. Back in the Steem and Hive days, when they were more relevant, that was considered ok if one provided proof they were the author. I believe everyone here understands her honorable conduct and that she is the author.

C'mon steevc, you been around long enough to understand it's ok. especially here. I know over at Hive that they do flag and harass some who crosspost or mention Blurt there, but over here you can relax, let your hair down. Unbutton that shirt a little and relax, no mobs are gonna come for you if you share your work. :)

I just see that a lot of people are milking Blurt for some extra rewards with no fear of flags. Many will not bother to respond to comments. I can't be bothered and had not even looked here in months. Just thought I'd see what responses I get.

"I can't be bothered and had not even looked here in months". That statement pulls it together in my mind. It sounds like you are one of those who are part of the "angry" cult on Hive. I see you have no steem power, and have been powering down your Blurt. This affirms to me you are one of the "angry" cult from Hive. Your have your Hive power yet.

I find it amazing that you have to come over to Blurt to stir the waters. Cross posting on Steemit and Blurt is part of the process that is acceptable. The only ones I read that complain are from Hive. I do not believe @blessed-girl cross posts on Hive.

I cannot fathom why you should care about posting, or cross-posting, on the two platforms you are not involved. I saw your post of three days ago on Blurt, which in my mind would be considered a "shit post". I am coining a phrase that I first saw where else but Hive.

As to @blessed-girl, she has curated, and has done a lot of work for my curation projects. She is one of the most honorable people I have met on the various platforms. Of all users she will follow the rules and change what she does if the rules change.

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