Family ice cream

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The day we went to the lagoon, we took advantage of eating ice cream. My daughters were very happy, because they love ice cream. I almost always try to make them a snack here at home, generally cakes or cookies that I make for them myself, and from time to time I make them fruit ice creams.

The ice creams that they sell in this ice cream parlor that we went to, are creamy or yogurt ice creams, they are very delicious, also they place comics on tv for children and that makes the environment more pleasant for children, so much so that later they do not want to leave the premises Lol.

My little daughter ate a creamy grape ice cream, here we call it Bati-Bati, my oldest daughter ordered a strawberry yogurt ice cream and I had a passion fruit pie ice cream.

Since last year we had not taken the girls out for a walk or to eat ice cream and they were so happy that they wanted to go again but we must continue to take care of ourselves, especially the children and we have explained to them that we must continue at home, especially with the new strain that already arrived in our country recently.

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I sometimes miss little ones, the sheer joy they are capable of manifesting like in the second picture where she is holding up the cleaned up stick. These are magical times for you and your family. The children are capable of taking us back to those feelings from our own childhood. I remember them all to well from when my son was a child.

Thank you for sharing. It's refreshing to see such bonding and appreciation.

Yes @practicalthought, they inspire us a lot of tenderness, I really enjoy when they are happy. I like to see that sparkle in his eyes, it is something very tender.

hi @double-u, thank you very much for coming and for your support :)

Baby girl is so cute and adorable..