First lily of the year.

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Greetings friends,

I tried to post since Monday and my internet was horrible, it did not allow me to upload images, I finally managed to upload some photos of the first lily of 2021 in my window.

It was actually a big surprise, because this plant was given to me by my neighbor last year, this silver grows by means of bulbs and I plant several bulbs in different pots.


This lily that flowered is in the window of the living room and there it receives a lot of sun during the day, I think that the sun was what caused this flower to be born early, because these lilies always come out between April and May.


My mom and grandmother have these Lilies and they always bloom in May and my neighbor's between April and May, so I wasn't expecting to have a lily in January.


When I went to water my plants, wow !! It was really a very nice surprise that it brought me on Monday morning, I am a lover of flowers and they light up my eyes every time one of them blooms in my windows.

Life is one, focus on what makes you good.

All the photos were taken with my Cell phone LG Risio

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Looks amazing just like the lovely person that posted it. 🥰🤩

thank you very much :)

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Oh that´s a lovely Lily.... I used to plant them in pots in my garden of our former house... I think I will plant again this Spring. Thanks for sharing.