The cat that my princess Cami drew.

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Greetings friends,

Classes started this week, they will still be online due to the pandemic and since it is the first week back from Christmas holidays, these days will only be for review.


My 4 year old daughter Cami loves to draw and paint, it is her favorite activity and even more so when it comes to free drawing. Yesterday I told her that she could make a free drawing, whatever she wanted and she was happy for it.


She was focused on her artwork, she likes cats, she wants everything of cats and well, that's what she wanted to draw.


I think she and her sister drew the talent from her father, they draw very well, they have creativity... something that I don't have hahaha.

All the photos were taken with my Cell phone LG Risio

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Great talent. Regards to them, please encourage them the more!

Thank you. Sure!

She's really talented.

I drew this in adulthood :-)


Thank you, beautiful draw :)

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Painted many beautiful pictures.nice post.

thank you