My weekly battle share challenge for splinterlands gaming platform with cute Dragon "FIRE SPITTER"

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Hello Hiveans!
This is my weekly battle share challenge for SPLINTERLANDS gaming platform with the Theme- FIRE SPITTER*


It is five day to go to finish this season, there is lots of expectation taking prize pool. This time my rating is over 2900, it means I am nocking in Diamond League III. My collection power is over 250 lakh.. Approximately I was not willing to skip in diamond League III but finally I decided to skip in advance way for diamond League 3rd to get 40 reward card with the the season ending.
It is typical one League where we have to face strong opponents.. Sometime it's become very difficult to complete the quest..


◆Prismatic Energy
◆PANTHOM soldier
◆Gelatinous Cube

Now have a look about today's theme card and its speciality.

This is one of the most useful Range attack Epic monster from Dragon splinter. With the level 1, it has Flying ability and Dodge ability at the level 6.
Although there was no use of this monster in this battle but I want to win this battle with this card that is why I placed it on 4th place.


●Splinter- Dragon
●Edition- Reward
●Rarity- Epic
Did my strategy worked well?
It was 44 Mana game in which plenty of relaxation to choose high Mana card. Beside its there was one more rule applied in this battle that was poisoned. I was aware about it, so decided to put two heal tank at last, who restore their health. My opponent team was also with one heal tank that was not sufficient and he lost the battle. These two health restoring card were alive till last. In this way my strategy worked well.
Do you use often FIRE SPITTER or why not?
I always give priority to the cards according to their utility and battle rule. If there is earthquake battle rule, definitely I would like to have fire SPITTER in my team. Otherwise I go with other option.
Overall it was a fantastic battle in which I able to get victory. Although my opponent was very strong but due to bad team selection he lost it.
Hope you will enjoy this battle and thanks for visiting my vlog..
Have a peaceful Sunday..


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