My weekly battle share challenge for splinterlands gaming platform with THEME-card CORAL WRAITH

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Hi beautiful gaming world!
This is my weekly battle share challenge with the theme card- CORAL WRAITH.
Although I am not addicted of this Epic monster but it is one of the most useful mana monster with sneak ability. it was only 19 mana battle rule which I have to choose best card. Although my opponent was strong yet I able to won this battle. To be honest having fun with upgrading few useful card with high attack. I also upgraded few monster who provides one extra melee attack. Previous season I was strongly claiming 4000 DEC token but at last I skipped because I did not noticed last moment of leaderboard status.
Now let's talk about today's theme card.


This is one of the most useful Epic monster from water splinter. It has sneak ability at level 1 and RUST ability at level 4.Rust is a unique ability that reduce armour of the opponent team.
●Splinter- water
●Edition- untamed
●Rarity - Epic


It was low mana battle in which I have to choose best one card that can protest enemy monster. Before battle I checked opponent recently played team then I found it was strong one having high level card. I was nervous to choose the card. Finally decided start with Lord ARIANTHUS.
I made team combination with one without attack card, one REACH ability, one HEAL card, one RANGE card one MAGIC attack card. Here is my team placing.



All monster have knock out ability.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Of course my strategy worked well. I was hoping that opponent team will come with few magic and melee attack card that is why I placed LORD ARIANTHUS at first position. And also chosen one heal card that can support Lord ARIANTHUS. The combination of these two card made the difference in the battle and I won this battle just losing front card. Opponent three monster were ineffective in front of Lord ARIANTHUS.

Do you like the CORAL WRAITH? Why or why not?

No doubt it is one of the most useful Epic monster having Sneak and Rust ability. Although I do not use this card very much because I have only level 1 card. I will upgrade it after that I will use this monster specially in Mana restrictions battle rule. It's Rust ability make it much better.

Looking forward to join this gaming platform?

Then check out the original post from #splinterlands

Thanks for your time.
Hope you will enjoy this battle.


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