Should we have a exit strategy in this run?

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Currently we are all at a high because of the crypto market which has been gradually picking up. Most of the Cryptos have already given 5 to 6 times returns from what they were 4 to 6 months before. ETH which was at 300 6 mths back is now at 3300, ADA from .08 to 1.30, BTC from 9k to 60K, BNB from 20 to 600....phewww that's like huge, likewise big or small, most of them have gone up a minimum of 5 to 6 times and some even more, now what matters is what was the entry point. If it was something 6 months before, I am sure the portfolio must be booming by now, and for the ones who got in say around 3 to 4 mths back, still there has been a good boom, because most of the alt coins have risen in the last 3 to 4 months.

But is this the exponential growth that we are all looking for? I guess there is more to come, but then the one mistake all of us make is that we keep waiting for it to reach the target number that we have in our mind, because we all have very high expectations of returns and possible that may not happen. And then all the high numbers that we have seen in the boom just remain as numbers on the screen.

Even when the bull market turns into a bear market, no one can predict, because it is only after a couple of months, when the trends are analyzed one realizes that we are already in the bear market. The dip that we had around 2 weeks ago, we were all confident that it was a temporary one and we will rise up again, though the market crashed down drastically. Similarly when the real bear trend will start, we may not realize that the bear trend has already begun and we will still be hoping that after the dip there will be a rise again.


How can one ever be sure, when to exit? Well we can never be sure, all we can do is set our certain targets and exit at that point, and yes there is a possibility that from there the coin may still rise up much further or can go down. As per the analyst trends it comes out that the last pump is very rapid and it stays at the top for not a very long time, and then there is a sharp decline as well. So one may not even have the time to react. Imagine if you are sleeping at night and this happens, means you have lost the opportunity.

So here is my Exit Strategy, I will not say, it's the best or the most logical one, but this gives me some kind of security and I do not wish to just see my portfolio value only as numbers on the screen. I want to capitalize on my investments and work and get this rolling in real now. These calculations exclude the BTC calculations. I will exit my 50% stake in all coins when I get between 10X to 15X returns from the investment I have made, now this is again the call one has to make, because it differs for each one, it will matter when you have invested. Most of my investments have been made in the last 4 to 6 months, and also I will look at the potential of some coins. So something like ADA and BNB which has good prospects, I will want to stretch it a little more to say 25X to 30X. Nothing can be accurate but one can study the coin a bit and make these decisions. The next target will be to remove another 30% of my stake, probably at 25X returns for the slow moving ones and 40X to 50X for the promising ones. The last 20% I will leave for gambling and wait for that high moment.

This is the way I have planned my exit from this current run. What do you all think the high of BTC will be in this run. I feel it will be somewhere close to around 1.30K to 1.50K, so when BTC is nearing this value personally I will be ready to remove all my stake for this run.


There are chances that yes it can go up further but then the greed can kill also. If I have received a minimum of 30X returns on my investment in a duration of 1 year from what I have invested, that's like very fantastic returns for me, which no other investment will give. I can again get into the game when the prices start falling and then play the next game. But at least I have some security for now. Yes I am a very safe player, I do not like to gamble or take high risk. Though investing in Crypto defines both of these, but then I still believe that not being too greedy can make my safe exit.

What I have explained here on my exit plan is just a very brief gist, but ya I have done my work and study on each coin and then defined the X returns that I want to exit at.

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