Enslaved By The Perception Masters

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This post on the human cattle being enslaved by the perception masters is a continuation of my two posts, Binder of Demons, Binder of Angels and Protecting The Demons: The War For Enlightenment.

We have been trained in how we think, our perceptions molded to the particular cults that we more closely identify with. And before you protest, as you have been trained to view cult as a dangerous taboo area, know that this misunderstanding of the word itself was created by the perception masters to pull your chains away from parts of the field they would prefer you not to graze upon.


People have it instilled in them that a cult is something of a religious nature, but the word itself means:

Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book).

The media promoting the cult of celebrity.

Devotion regarding literary or intellectual fads.

As you can see if you apply this word correctly, it applies to any ideas handed to you that you make agreements with, in turn binding the structure to yourself. Every day that you read articles, watch programming etc., you are offered the option of embracing the latest cult structures or not.



On The Payroll of the Perception Masters

Many are waking up to the understanding the politicians do not serve We The People. They serve what I refer to as the perception masters. Their power goes back some time, probably farther than I can imagine. Many refer to them as bankers, as they print what people mistakenly view as money out of thin air.

But sadly what they are really printing are the currencies of agreement. We have been trained to attach our will onto these agreements, and what is being exchanged when this fiat is handed from one to another is not money, but power. Because that is all that fiat is, access to power. Or rather, the agreement this is the corridor to power.

The question to ask is, power to what?

Many might answer the power of Caesar, as we are taught to agree that Caesar is a power/ruler outside of ourselves. And here lays the hook of power that makes the enslavement possible. Taught that Caesar and power is outside of oneself, most will never question the idea of whether one can choose to bind themselves to this system or not. Due to this flaw in reasoning comes the birth of

The Rat Race

Ponder for a moment what is entailed by being in the rat race. What is the object of pursuit taking place here? If one pauses to think about it, you can quickly see that it is not for the accumulation of paper that claims to be worth something, backed only by a group agreeing that is the worth.

It is what that paper represents in the power structure of the Caesar group I refer to as the perception masters. It promises to grant you certain power in their illusion, whether it is your dream house, a higher quality mate, healthcare, etc. By chasing these dreams using their system to do so, you have agreed to become a slave to their demands for these achievements.

Give Unto Caesar what is Caesars

The sad truth of the matter is that our politicians and businesses are all beholden to these perception masters. All in their own rat race to acquire the visions they covet that are promised by their allegiance to the power of the perception masters. They have always, and will always sell out the people on the farm as they serve their true masters for their rewards in becoming mini Caesars themselves. Think about that for a moment. Because therein lies the way to freedom.

I would ask you now, what is it you want for yourself, for those you love? Is it something you can only have by serving the masters of perception? Have you achieved it already in your service to them? I am guessing not, as I look around the farm of society and see discontent growing among all the different cult divisions under the control of these masters.

I would submit that as long as you bow before the external Caesar as the only authority capable of granting that which you covet, you will be on a nonstop treadmill till you are on your last days, out of energy as you gave it all to Caesar. Here is the truth that will set you free. For whatever part of Caesars structure you use, you must pay your tithe.


You have been trained to agree from an early age that Caesar is outside of yourself. That you must worship and serve at the altar of this outside Caesar in order to survive and thrive. Because there is some truth for the need for outside Caesar (Outside Caesar has men with guns), for a cooperative effort among humans, you have been blinded from the idea of giving to yourself what is yours.

I am not talking of the narcissistic hedonism that many have been offered as a carrot to keep them on the treadmill of the perception masters. I am talking of the fulfillment of your desires, your true ones.

But sadly, many have no time to even examine what they would do if they were not on this treadmill. You fund Caesar with your energy, and your squabbles over battlegrounds of Caesars creation, until there is little left for your own consideration. You neglect the one Caesar who it is your sacred duty to serve the best. Yourself/Your Sacredness.

At this point you may be asking, How Do I Know What to Believe, What To Do? In this I have no definitive guidance. The truth is much of our history has been hidden from us. Abilities as well, as they use the food, medicine and technology within their control system to make our bodies and minds weak.

After giving this many years of thought the only solution I have arrived at for myself is to be aware of the agreements asked of me daily. If you stalk your reactions to them, you will uncover previous agreements you have made with the perception masters.

Stalk those in your circles agreements, their reactions to the rejection of these agreements with others.

Patterns will begin to form the longer you do this. Patterns that will lead you to periods of enlightenment. That your true self, the WITNESS will reveal itself. That will lead you to the Caesar within yourself.

In the end, the truth is that we are beings who perceive, and the only source one can sweep clean to what is real is our own connection with what is. The only question involved here is if you wish to really know who you are, or if you will continue to give your energy to supporting the perception masters as they farm you ( and keep your perception fogged) and those you love to an existence of servitude.

Until such time as you are willing to learn the truth about yourself, there will be no sacred truth as you have hooked onto the power of the perception masters.

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What I teach my kid are all the things school never will - meditation, imagination, language/NLP, personal power. School teaches a weak yet somewhat attractive form of consensual disempowerment - so that society becomes a farm of stuffed animals.

I wouldn't even ask "what should I believe?" Believe nothing seems a better starting point. Then observe those residual beliefs that your actions betray.

Most eastern philosophies posit six senses, not in any psychic sense, but that from the point of view of a core pristine consciousness the chattering mind is just another input, like the somatic senses. It is also the hardest of the "senses" to perceive directly, as we cannot pre-think a thought - we can however pre-touch something before we touch it - but we can perceive that the thoughts are not necessarily ours, in the sense of empowering them.

To many, this may seem like a loss of power, because we are shedding connections and biasses built up over years, but eventually our core power should shine through and be activated - it was just hidden in a fog of misperceptions. :-)

Thank you for sharing. I will be touching on some of what you mention in my next post tomorrow. Without putting it all here in this comment, I will say I know that much of what we are taught as supernatural is not. It is natural and been stripped from us by programming to make us less than our potential allows. I spent many years studying many things that have been given to us from many cultures. Seeing differences in possibilities with the one common denominator being belief/faith.

I home schooled my son after the 5th grade. I grew tired of his being held back in his studies so the slower children could have a better chance at keeping up. Grew tired of the social dynamics being programmed into him that had nothing to do with critical thinking or practical skills. Grew tired of many things, most of all having my son cared after by those who didn't care about him.

Thanks again for stopping by. :)

Yes, our powers are natural, and very few know their limits.
It's not just splitting the spiritual from the dogmatic religions, but then further experiencing that the spiritual is just another word for supra-sensory.
Instead of researching and teaching super-humanism, we are being conned into the nightmare of trans(sub)humanism - the fallacy that becoming more mechanical will make us more powerful - maybe true if the limits of one's imagination are to have faster feet ;-)

Agreed. I know who I am..... But How do we break free from the rat race. We still need money (fiat) to buy food, pay the bills, pay for electricity, gas, water .... is Bitcoin the answer ? silver ? Gold ? Steem ? Tron ? Is Blurt the answer to breaking free from the fiat monetary system ? Then I need to cash out, convert to Bitcoin, send Bitcoin to PayPal to convert to cash to buy groceries .... do I just grow my own food ? We have 4’ of snow up here. I can only grow so many vegetables with grow lights in my basement. Melting snow for water. I think crypto is the answer to breaking free it just takes time to accumulate enough so I can also sell some or trade to buy food .....

Caesar and their army have proven historically 9as well as now) that they will control every corner they can reach into. Avoiding them is almost impossible unless one is willing to do without the things you mention, and even then maybe not.

They have divided the worlds land and resources amongst themselves with their armies, leaving almost no place untouched. I'm convinced the only reason the Hunza are allowed to thrive in their natural way is due to being hard to access coupled with few resources making such efforts to exploit them not economically beneficial.

I would be wary of crypto as the answer myself. There is a push now to make encryption illegal, although I personally believe that is only for show. Its widely acknowledged that every system you use to connect to the internet has built in hardware and software backdoors.

Given their push to continue invading every corner of privacy a person has left, it seems to me a given that they record every keystroke and copy/paste one does. Including all wallet addresses and keys.


I believe the only way to minimize them and restore any balance at all is to reject as much of what they push for, while reconnecting with our neighbors (this includes other animals and plants). To begin thinking in new ways not handed to us by them for our exploitation. To heal and love everything as though it were ourselves, because it is. We are all a part in the same canvas of life.

Build what they can't destroy. They can tear down systems, but are powerless to erase actions and intent. A good deed to your neighbor today can't be stolen once it is given. If the focus is on love then it is sacred.

As for getting off the grid a little better 9to the extent they allow. There are methods of generating electricity. For heat, I would suggest you look into a heat pump. It basically takes the heat underground and moves it into your dwelling. Knowledge can reduce our dependency in many ways. Which is why they are desperate to keep us working so much, entertained by their Hollywood "programming" and social media programming sites.

The answer to this could fill books, so will sum it up to knowledge and love of self and others. Acknowledging the sacred in front of you no matter how much the fogs of desecration they manufacture try to obscure it.

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

Jesus , God , the great Buddha once said Love the Lord God ( infinite everything The Self) with all your heart, with all your mind and all your soul and to Love your Neighbour (everything) as you Love The Self ( Shekhinah = neighbour)

show me where Buddha says anything of the sort ;-)

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

The Buddha says many things of the sort .... when you understand that God is just a word that means “Infinite / everything” per Spinoza .... this is the Perennial Philosopny. Not very many people know of the perennial Philiosophy.




Buddha Quotes.


I see no references ;-)

  ·  7 days ago (edited)

Don’t believe in anything. Period.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

  • Buddha ?

Who knows ....

You are 100% correct. They could
All be fake. Never trust what you read on the internet.


But it isn't the money that's unhappy.

Oh so we are taking a hard turn into the super weird stuff? Well in that case we might as well call the next chain metanoia.

Hah! I knew the psych who founded Metanoia in the UK ;-)
She thought I was quite sane.

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

This stuff is kind of normal if you are a non dualist. Monism.... When everything is understood as one substance per Baruch Spinoza. Call it Advaita Vedanta coin....


I've always been fascinated with perception and structures. I attribute it to an early love for reading that my dad encouraged in me, coupled with his vast library of books. I found many friends and ideas in those books.

I do love that word, metanoia. I just worry most wont understand the meaning of it.

I like meta-coin .... but I think it’s taken....

Blurt and places like Blurt without Censorship or downvotes offer a True hope for Creative people to earn a living and live as the Artists they are. We are meant to create. So I spend my days creating.... thanks for these very thought provoking posts. You are making Blurt the Best place to share these positive mind expanding ideas.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

The absence of downvotes which is censuring can be just as devastating as censorship if the disapproval comes from powerful sources. I was targeted a few times over there because I supported others who were the focus of such punitive censuring. Sadly, in most cases others would then shy away from supporting the targeted party, revealing their motivations were rooted in financial gain, not love gain. To abandon sacred for that elusive chase of reward promised in economic systems is a foreign concept for most. They have been emslaved by the perception masters and trained to consider those of more economic means to be masters over their decisions and actions.