New record of one day death in the country: Bangladesh

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Coronavirus has killed 102 people within the last 24 hours within the country. The price from the virus rose to 10,375. At an equivalent time, the virus has been newly detected within the bodies of three ,698 people. at the present , the entire number of infected people within the country stands at 6 lakh 17 thousand 950 people.

Source: Newspaper

This information was given during a handout of the Department of Health on Sunday (April 18) afternoon.

Earlier, the department had reported 101 deaths on Friday and Saturday.

According to the notification, 6,121 people have recovered recently. a complete of 6 lakh 14 thousand 938 people have recovered. 19,404 samples were tested in 24 hours. The detection rate in 24 hours is nineteen .06 percent then far 13.91 percent. The death rate is 1.44 percent. The recovery rate is 85.53 percent.

An eight-day nationwide crackdown is being observed across the country from Wednesday, in line with the government's announcement to regulate the recent rise within the coronavirus.

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