My Actifit Report Card: May 4 2021

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Six Hours or more of Sun!!!😎
Guys that’s what Silvertop needs, and the long days of Summer are almost here!☺️
Even the Sundial on our hiking trail is keeping good time!🤣
We hiked to Towhee Ridge by 4:00 PM, and took a break at the picnic table.
Liz has a new WiFi Thermometer in her greenhouse, she just set it up today.
Now when we stop at Towhee, she can check the Greenhouse inside temperature on her iPhone , from anywhere in the World!
While Silvertop checks Beijing China, to see how how the Hashing power of his Crypto Miners is doing!😇
“My IPhone just alerted me Liz, I think we are in Canada!😁”
We are so close to the border, our cell phones sometimes switch to Canadian towers.
Today was 75 uphill floors, a solid hike,
As I type this post, the Mrs is out in the garden…….
This is May, in the Northwest, and it doesn’t get dark till 9:00 PM this time of year. I think we will get those six hours of Sunshine!😎
Enjoy Summer everyone, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Daily Activity,Hiking,House Chores

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