Wiring up Tom's pedalboard with MIDI for Hauptwerk

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This morning Tom and I got the first sounds out of the pedalboard. What we thought would be a complex task was actually not too bad—the pedalboard already had magnets which activated MIDI on/off and the sensors could simply be cable tied. However, following the end of this video, a couple of notes were no longer sounding. We'll have to do a bit more investigation as to what's gone wrong...more on that later (perhaps I'll email MIDI Boutique for support as well). If you could help contribute financially in any way possible, we would be most grateful and will acknowledge you in future videos. Use any of the donation links via the link below and please subscribe to Tom's channel. Cheers, James.

Tom's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI56Uv2j2ZRlRyMzkOOX9-Q
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