Blurtmusic: May the 4th be with you on National Teacher’s Day

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Yes. Today is May the 4th but It is also National Teacher’s Day ... so let us celebrate the Great Teacher’s in our lives...

Namely Yoda and Obi wan Kenobi.

Let us remember these 2 great teachers who taught us everything we know about the Force.

May the Fourth be with you always.

National Teacher Day is observed on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May (May 4) and we’re more than ready to show our appreciation to those who have taught us. Everyone has had that favorite teacher that has helped inspire them. This day meant to honor them was actually made by a teacher. None other than First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt herself. Eleanor Roosevelt was more than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, she has a history of civic duty and was an advocate for fellow teachers. Her love for education began at a young age when she was privately tutored and encouraged by her aunt Anna “Barnie” Roosevelt. No matter how high she rose on the social ladder, she never forgot where she came from.


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Happy Star Wars Day!

And also with you,