Nonetheless, it'll take an industry-wide shift to reverse the damage being done by NFT

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“The platform failed the artists,” Lemercier says. “I’ve tried to push them, but they need no interest in reducing their impact in the least .”Lemercier believes the most NFT marketplaces are reluctant to take a position within the transition to Proof of Stake or adopt the scaling solution—as Palm has—because the boom may soon be over.

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Palm’s NFT studio is probably going to be a further lure for artists in need of help developing their NFT strategies. “Sometimes meaning building a marketplace for those projects, sometimes it means finding the proper partner marketplace to try to to projects through,” Heyman says. “Usually what it means is designing some kind of custom drop mechanism, as how to interact audiences within the first instance. Secondary markets would then happen on other marketplaces.”
Meanwhile, Palm intends to repair its gas fees, paid by artists to offset energy costs, at an ultra low level. “It won’t be free, because there must be some element of gas,” Heyman says.

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