My trip would be much better if I went on a trip not alone.

in blurtphoto •  6 days ago 

 A little more from a trip to St. Petersburg. My trip would be much  better if I went on a trip not alone. But since my trip was not planned  at all, I had to go alone. 

I went to Peter to my mother in the  hospital. In my free time, I walked around the city alone and asked  passers-by to photograph me. I don’t know where I took so much courage  to trust strangers my phone so that they take a photo of me. I didn’t  trust everyone with my phone, I don’t know. 

I somehow chose people whom I  can trust. I don’t even know how I was able to conquer the  embarrassment, because when I was photographed it was necessary to at  least smile and not look like a statue in the camera =))

 we live like  that. 

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