Springtime Flowers: Glory of the snow, Ontario Canada

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Found these beautiful purple flowers growing along the trail today.

I Did a search with the Picture This app and learned they are called Glory of the snow...









Glory of the snow (Chionodoxa forbesii ‘Blue Giant’) is among the first bulbs to bloom in the spring, with their vibrant blue poking up through the snow.

‘Chion’ comes from the Greek for snow and ‘doxa’ means glory. ‘Forbesii’ honors James Forbes a 19th-century botanist. He worked for much of his life as the horticulturist for Woburn Abbey in England.

This cultivar is larger and longer blooming than the straight species, providing a longer season of early nectar and pollen to our honeybees and other native bees. As soon as the sun comes out it seems there could not be enough of this flower to support the frenzy of pollinators.

These early spring bloomers naturalize readily if they are planted among drought-tolerant perennials with little supplemental watering. This dear resistant bulb thrives in zones 3-8 and grows 6-8″ tall. Glory of the Snow fades gracefully after blooming, disappearing among the emerging perennials and mid-spring bulbs.

Source: https://www.luriegarden.org/plants/glory-of-the-snow-blue-giant/

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