Macrophotography |forest fly |Musca domestica.

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Hello guys...
Today the weather is quite sunny at my place, where we can all do the various activities that we do every day.


And on this occasion I want to share some macro images which of course are very interesting for us to see.
I really like all types of photography, one of which is macrophotography where the object I display is a small insect.
The name of this insect is a fly with the scientific name Musca domestica.
To get this thing, I have to go to the forest or in the bushes in the area around the house. Macro photography is a bit tricky compared to photos that people take in general. Macro photography techniques require a high level of patience to be able to get the best objects and detailed results.
It is enough to use a smartphone camera with an additional macro lens, I'm sure you all can get good results.
Here are some macro photography images that I have prepared for us to look at together.









All of the pictures above I took using a smartphone camera with the addition of a macro lens and all the pictures are original mine.

camera Picturesmartphone+macro lens
Model photoforest fly/Musca domestica.
Oringinal picture@ipolatjeh1988

That's a little bit of my short discussion about green beetles and some pictures that I can present today to all of you, hopefully this post is useful for all of us and you like it.

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