My Container Gardening This Season

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The Beginning...

They are still small... but our weather is not so ideal for planting in containers. I am used to such weather conditions, the thing is that I got my newbies 4 weeks ago and I was only able to plant them 2 weeks after I bought them. It was simply too cold 2 weeks back then.


One thing I was able to plant is the onions. This is not a serious planting since I wanted to get the leaves only for my salads, to incorporate or make them as toppings. It would be lovely to garnish them on top of tomato salad.


And here, I used strawberry boxes from the supermarket. It is a lovely container to plant the onion bulbs into. I do not really need the onions to grow bigger since the container is too small for that purpose. As I said, I only need the leaves.


I also have 2 kinds of lettuce. These are the first lot I planted and they really suffered from the cold weather. But now, they are recovering.


The pepper is always a mainstay in my container gardening because they are robust and can withstand the cold weather. Besides, it is almost maintenance free.


Below, I also have cherry tomatoes , these pictures were taken 2 weeks ago and they look so pale and yellow because of the lack of sunshine. I haven´t taken new pictures of them yet, but I will make an update on their status.


And lastly, below is the raspberry I took as a newbie from my old raspberry bush from my former garden. This plant tremendously bears many fruits and I want to transfer it soon to a bigger pot.


This is all at the moment... I have been so busy the last four weeks, simply so many things to attend to health wise. And I have had my 1st Pfizer/Biontech vaccine 10 days ago and will have my second end of next week.

See you around!

GIF by @gremayo

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Very Healthy mga tanim mo Ate.

Salamat @meselah... puera buyag! Lolol!

Ang ganda at linaw ng picture. Good morning

Baka Mausog Deev ha... Hahaha. Good evening y dear.

me encanta tu siembra, en la ventana de mi cocina tengo cebollin y me gusta porque los agarro frescos para cocinar, también he cosechado lechuga en mi ventana pero con lo que no me va bien es con pimentones o ajíes, no sé por qué siempre les sale unos piojitos blancos :(

Hola @bessed-girl ! Sabes qué ... para los piojos, uso agua con bicarbonato de sodio, 1 litro de agua con 2 cucharaditas de bicarbonato de sodio ... deberían desaparecer si rocías las hojas todos los días. Encantado de tenerte aquí querida. ¡Muchas gracias!

Gracias por el consejo.

Keep taking care of the garden trees. I also want to build a garden like you. Thanks dear.

Thank you.

Que lindo tu jardín, muy variado. Yo solo he sembrado algunos cebollines. Espero ver la evolución de las plantas. Espero que tu salud mejore, saludos

Hola Vicky dear....
Mi ojo izquierdo está mejorando ahora. Conseguí esta lente especial y solo tengo que ponerme ungüentos durante 2 semanas más. Muchisimas gracias!

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Amazing pics, voted :)

Vote for me as a witness.


Thank you.

Oh lala! I would definitely like to know your technique to have such beautiful plants, I love plants, but they do not grow so beautiful hahaha, I need to learn other techniques with you.
Good vibes.

Hello my dear @angelica7 , sorry for the late reply... Oh yes, it is very easy. One tip tho, do not throw your brewed coffee rest. You can add the used grains to the soil you will be using for your plants, it is full of minerals. Also the water used for boiling potatoes, use it to water your plants, it´s full of minerals, too. Lastly, the egg shells will also help as organic fertilizer, you only have to pulverize it using a blender and mix this in the soil, it is full of calcium. Those are my tips, you can try any of them... Hahaha, wishing your plants would thrive soon. I am crossing my fingers!

Lovely greetings from Vienna!

Ay na ibog ko sa sibuyas! Or all of the above, unsay pataba nimo nila, lalo ang lettuce. Problema dire, dako unta space, among iro mangalkal man oy pati sa paso iya kabkabon.

Butangi ig koral Jude, bisan bamboo or stick unya butangi holow block ug pisi paikutan para dili siya makasulod.

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