Korean Words about Food

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I write about interesting Korean words I hear everyday. Here are some about eating:

진수성찬 (jin-su-sung-chan)
It means a full table.

상을 부릴수도록
(sang-eul bu-ril-su-to-rok)
Literally means the table legs are broken. It means the table is full of side dishes to eat.

This main dish today is homemade sshabu sshabu.


Future tense vs past tense
and compliments at a meal

Every verb in Korean has a stem like 목다 (mok-da) = eat

Verb stems can be congugated into present past or future.

Present tense
목습니다. (mok-seum-ni-da)
Past tense
목었습니다. (mok-oet-seum-ni-da)
Future tense
목겠습니다. (mok-get-seum-ni-da)

A good compliment to a Korean chef before the meal is to say you will eat well. 잘 ( jal ) = well

잘 모겠습니다

A good compliment to a Korean chef after the meal is to say you ate well.

잘 목었습니다.


When it is midnight and you want to eat from your favorite restaurant in Korea:

배달 민족 (bae-dal min-jok)
배달 = delivery
민족 = tribe

These people will deliver anywhere in Korea.

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