Dinner at St Huberts or Harvey’s ?

in blurtshorts •  28 days ago  (edited)

Decisions, Decisions...

What will it be for dinner tonight ? Burgers or Chicken ? Chicken or Burgers. Such a Dilemma ....

This is a Combined Drivethrough here in Canada ... you can order Harvey’s Burgers and fries or St Hubert hit Chicken sandwich...

What shall it be.



While we sit in line thinking about our choices ... we watch the beautiful sunset out our window....


Dinner with a view ...


This was the same view from last week when we ordered St Huberts Hot Chicken sandwiches with gravy and peas...

That’s it, tonight we are having Harvey’s Burgers and fries. ... next week is chicken and another beautiful sunset out our window.



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I would go with the Harvey's hamburgers too. I just ordered the Burger King Plant Whopper. Maybe I should do a short on that too. These blurt shorts are hilarious but your doing great with them.

  ·  27 days ago (edited)

I have basically been posting Blurt Shorts since 1995 ... earlier with my own daily blog ... then a few hundred Blogspot blogs, Youtube channels and Twitter since the Internet was created. I just didn’t know they were called Blurtshorts until now.