Hand Cranking Cryptos

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I wonder if people new to cryptos feel like this guy?

I mean, just look at all the levers on this 1914 Lozier Model 84; and just starting the machine requires a physics lesson.

This other car, a 1913 Hupmobile, is from the same period and with a hand crank to make life even easier.

Mass adoption of the motor car took place once it was affordable, easy to drive and with plenty of refuelling stations.

With cryptos, mass adoption seems to mean finding a chauffeur!

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When I hear a video that begins with "What's going on?" I cringe. But at least he followed through with content. He is sitting on a million dollars. I love the sound in the video. The funny thing is that technology continues whether we like it or understand it. The few who catch on early get the benefits.


Yeah, the two videos together would have been perfect - one was too long and took ages to get to the point, the other was already a simplified dashboard. Mind you, a hand crank would be useful in some cold climates.
The tech is neither obvious nor inevitable - that's just a psyops to those who don't understand it. Sell the benefits, not the science - especially if that science is actually harmful to humans. The first cars were electric, then that branch was halted in favour of burning petrol.

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