It's Worse Than You Thought

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Interesting video on mobile phone insecurity.

I find it funny that the YT channel promotes this as a "motivation video"!
What's the motivation? To become smarter? To become independent of your dumphone?
To understand how the dark web is the very opposite of what you may think?

Anyway, Citizen Lab is a great site.

“What is clear and specific is NSO Group’s historical and ongoing failure to act on evidence of documented human rights abuses. It is also my opinion that your corporate social responsibility pledges are little more than theatre. The spectacle might be a mildly entertaining farce were it not for the very real and gruesome way in which your company’s spyware is abused by the world’s worst autocrats behind the curtains. Time and again, your company’s irresponsible actions have proven your words are nothing more than hand-waving distractions from the harsh reality of the poorly regulated marketplace in which NSO Group, and its shareholders, thrive and profit. Until that approach changes, we see no particular value in participating in this charade.”

Read the whole article including links to the whole saga of recent iPhone hacks.

Black Code: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Dark Side of the Internet, by Ronald Deibert was first published in 2013.

Thing is, the above paragraph could be aimed at every country on this planet now under the yoke of the psychopathic controllers. I don't see any independent nations left standing - a few are on their knees.

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Didn't take long for the video to be yanked!
But the links tell the same story ;-)

maybe the real "motivation" is to download EVERYTHING useful, as it may not be there tomorrow.

We have come to a stage where even if some Country wants to be independent then the will have to lose their life on it as these. I have read Wes Penre all papers in which he has explained in detail and with evidences how this trap has been going on since decades and we in general have been sleeping and so unaware of it, not only that we have willingly submitted to all their plans thinking it is all innovation and in our best interest and now we are trapped.
Its like we are returning to the age of Atlantis where the speices then were highly evolved but got trapped and lost their higher powers, we are not highly evolved right now but still we are able to connect with our higher consciousness because some parts of our DNA are still active that connects us to our higher consciousness, but soon that will be completely dead with the majority and we will get into a complete machine age.
It sounds very stupid to many people but when you read it thoroughly you can connect the dots. I will take out time to go through this material carefully. Thank you.

I don't know the work of Wes Penre.
On the global gulag, everybody should really read Political Ponerology. Psychopathy is a disease that has now infested the planet - yet the hosts don't see it.
I also use my own knowledge of physics - many things remain hidden and distorted - and especially biophysics.
I don't really care about aliens - "they", whether real or confabulated, can be used as another decoy. It is enough to have deep awareness of what is really happening.

Our devices have a secret backdoor for big government agencies like the FBI or CIA @rycharde so any questions about total security against snooping to our devices are moot.
That is why Osama Bin Laden's home has no device traffic when they are trying to detect it, messages coming in and out is through using pen and paper.

Yes, pen and paper can be more secure - just don't take a photo of it!!

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the "dark web" is that in front of your face - the F , the A and the G.
This is why books are better than videos ;-)