What's really holding back crypto social media?

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Here is what could have been an interesting article:

What’s holding crypto social networks back from greatness?

However, by completely avoiding to analyse any of the existing crypto socmedia sites, the author thus also completely misses the point - and the problems.

The issue isn't about monetising social media - the issue is that once you do that, how do you keep the site social while most people are going for the money!

The money totally changes behaviour.

That's the problem - and it's a problem that nobody has, as yet, solved.

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There are probably two basic ways of thinking,

1.) how can I get the most?
2.) how can I contribute the most?

At the moment both work, in the long run only point 2 will work. Only point 1 users would dry up the chain.

Basically, we just need a healthy balance between these two ways of thinking.

It seems to me that there are consumers, producers and investors, but does all boil down to those two questions:

how can I get the most?
how can I contribute the most?

There are those who want to get as much as they can while the getting is good. And there are those who want to build something good. It's okay if the first group is greater in numbers as long as the second group is greater in innovation.

Thanks to both of you. The next big economic change will seek to create a working balance between those two - and in such a way as they support each other without interfering with each other ;-)

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My good Buddy Mark Cuban is looking for a Crypto Social network to invest in.
He wants to use Dogecoin though.

I sent him a DM and tweet about Blurt.... Hopefully he will join us.


I don't see Cuban actually asking for socmedia advice - I just see you offering some ;-)

Yeah... he wants to use Dogecoin

It will be interesting to see what he says today on the Ellen show

shilling doges to degenerates.
I'll wait for the media gas emissions.

Ha ha .... everybody’s shilling crypto everywhere these days.

What a crappy affiliate article this cointelegraph piece is. He does not mention a single of those "social networks that currently exist" until he turnes to Torum as his next marketing product.

I don't think money changes behaviour. How's the old saying: Money does not corrupt character, but reveals it.

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yeah, shitpost.
The title should have been: "What’s holding social networks back from crypto greatness?"
These ppl get paid? bah!

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