Midfield Dilemma – A Big Headache for Frank Lampard

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The midfield has always remained the most important area of the pitch and like some say, when the midfield is in control, the job is close to getting done, in order words, th e team that wins the midfield battle has the better chance of winning the match. That is how important the midfield is and that is why managers ensure that they make the best decisions when selecting the midfield players. At the start of last season, a lot of talking points and questions were raised concerning Lampard's appointment as the new Chelsea manager, and also how Chelsea would cope with the transfer ban issue. Nevertheless, the transfer ban wasn’t to be a huge problem for them as they overcame that successfully.

Frank Lampard and Chelsea have endured a tricky start this season like most of the other top teams, and have faced with ups and downs. Even though results haven’t really gone Chelsea’s way as they would have hoped for, there are still a lot of positive vibes in and around the club and lots of quality options available for Frank Lampard to choose from. The midfield positions and attacking positions seem to be Chelsea’s strongest areas at the moment for Chelsea. They have so many good options in midfield and could argue to have one of the strongest midfield in the premier league when it comes to individual talents. With a lot of quality options in the midfield and the limited positions available, it means that some players will definitely be left out of the starting 11. While this is a good thing for managers as it could lead to healthy competitions, it could also be a very difficult dilemma and headache for the manager as making the right decision and keeping all the players happy and hungry to play will most likely be very tricky.

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Lampard has made use of various formations since he kicked off his first game in charge as the Chelsea manager, but have struggled to find his strongest formation. He has made use of a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-3 so far this season but has also made us of a 3-4-3 formation most especially against Man United. While the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 formations look like the preferred options at the moment, the 3-4-3 seems to be another viable option for him. Even though the 4-3-3 formations haven’t been used more often like many would have hoped for this season, the players look more comfortable in these formations as they are more used to playing in a 3-man midfield.

Chelsea currently have the likes of Havertz, Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Mount all fighting for essentially 3 spots in the first 11. This means that the bench is certain for some players depending on the manager’s decision before the game. This is a big headache for Frank Lampard as he has to make the right decision on the players for the starting 11, if all the players are available. While one might think that there are a few players who might have a secured spot in the team, deciding which player to use could be a tough decision to make especially when all the available options are all performing at a high level.

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