Should Chelsea go for Victor Osimhen as a Possible Replacement for When Giroud Leaves Chelsea? - Part 2 and Final Part

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Continuing from where I stopped yesterday in my previous post about whether Chelsea should go for Victor Osimhen as a Possible Replacement for When Giroud Leaves Chelsea?... This was a fun topic to write about and here is the final part of the post and what I think about the talking point… At the moment, it is no longer news that Chelsea signed Timo Werner to be that guy that helps put the ball in the net as that is what he was praised for doing during his time at Leipzig and for Chelsea, putting the ball in the back of the net was one of their major challenges last season.

Werner was seen as the striker to help execute Lampard’s plans and ideas on the pitch especially after seeing what he did for RB Leipzig. With Timo Werner already showing that he is a top class striker, however, he isn’t really a true number 9 as he likes to drift a lot and move around a lot, utilizing his pace to find spaces and run in behind defenders. At the moment, the only true number 9s at Chelsea are Tammy Abraham and Giroud with Giroud more of a classic target man (probably the best in the world right now). This has raised a lot of talking points concerning Chelsea and what they will do if Giroud leaves Chelsea (which is expected to happen soon), because having a number 9 who can hold the ball up and hold off defenders is very useful especially when playing against certain teams and for that, they will be left with only Tammy Abraham (the only number 9) and Timo Werner...
This is where a lot of speculations have surfaces and a lot of names linked to Chelsea to replace Giroud when he leaves. As expected, Chelsea’s ambitions have grown a lot bigger as expected, especially with all the signings Chelsea have made this season, they are definitely aiming for bigger achievements that just the top 4 and that is why they will be looking to add another quality number 9 to replace Giroud. One of the names that have been linked to Chelsea is Victor Osimhen…

Last season, it was made known that Chelsea were keeping a close eye on Victor Osimhem from Lille. While a couple of the players linked to Chelsea are quite realistic for them, Victor Osimhen seem to be another realistic target for them. Getting the striking position right and sorted is one of the top priority for any manager and for Lampard, this is what he aims to achieve so as to help him build what he has in mind at Chelsea.
For me, I think Victor Osimhen will most likely be a great signing for Chelsea and that they should probably make a move for the player. He has a lot of top qualities to be a great addition to this current Chelsea team. He is strong, fast, can score, what more do you want from a striker and the good news is that he is still very young which means that he still has a lot of time to learn and improve a lot better at Chelsea.

With the qualities he possesses, he give Lampard the tactical flexibility to utilize different formations… he can also play in a 2 man striking system and as a lone striker so he will give Lampard a lot of tactical fluidity. The great news for some of Chelsea fans is that he is not coming to straight-up put Werner or Abraham on the bench due to a very high price tag, he will be coming to Chelsea knowing that his place isn’t secured if he doesn’t work hard and will definitely have to compete with the other strikers for a place in the starting 11 and also give Lampard reasons to pick him ahead of Timo Werner and Tammy Abraham.

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