Some of my Favorite eSports Games – Dirt Rally

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By now you already know that when it comes to video games, racing games take up a huge portion similar to fighting games. I’ve played a good number of racing games since I began my video gaming journey and for me, it has become a big part of me. As far as racing games is concerned, there is always a standard or a base as to why it was called a racing game in the first place. However, not all racing games are the same (which is pretty obvious)… some are more fun than the others, some have better gameplay and story behind it, and some just have that overall amazing gaming experience.

When it comes to racing game for me, there are things that I look out for before I can comfortably say that I like the game, that is why even though I have played a good number of racing games, there are actually not that many that makes it into my list of favorite racing games. I’ve talked about awesome racing games like Need for Speed and a few others in my previous posts, however, it doesn’t end there as there are still some more racing games that are equally awesome and amazing at the same time…lol. One of the racing games that I find amazing and so much fun to play is Dirt Rally… the name says it all… the game is basically an offroad racing game with a lot of dust and grunge which adds to the spice of the game.


Dirt Rally 2.0 is an amazing offroad racing game. This game is so immersive and for me, it is no coincident why it is a game played and loved by millions of gamers all over the world. Like the “Rally” in the title of the game, the game is focused on rallying and rallycross. As the player, you compete in a timed stage events on off-road surfaces and environments and also in varying weather conditions. As a top and popular game, it is expected that the game comes with a good number of quality game modes to choose from to enjoy and have fun.

There are a good number of things that make Dirt Rally 2.0 such an amazing game with fabulous gameplay. The stunning graphics is one of the reasons why the gaming experience is amazing… the cars, the environments, the visual effects all adds up to make the gaming experience superb. The game physics is also top notch and for me, it is the biggest strengths of the game. With all these amazing things comes with its own challenges. The game can be very challenging to play especially as a new player but the more you play the game, the better you will become and the more you will enjoy the game. The sound design of the game is also a big factor as to why the gaming experience is so good. Finally, I will end by saying this game isn’t complete without its fantastic multiplayer mode. I don’t think I need to resound my love for multiplayer gaming. That is where the fun is… Playing against real humans in any intense game skyrockets the fun and gaming experience to a whole new level.

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