Manchester City 1-0 Brighton

in blurtsport •  9 days ago 

So I watched Manchester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion today. Of course all bets were on Manchester City, bigger club, more players from which to pick from, better quality, home team, OK home team is not worth much these days, still Brighton had to travel to Manchester that does take some energy away.

The game started as everyone thought it would, with Manchester City all out looking for the first goal and Brighton playing a slow game, but the fact is in this first half Manchester City did not get many chances and in fact were lucky to be able to score their goal a minute before half time was over, a good goal by Foden too. But a 0-0 half time end would have had them against the ropes I think Brighton would have taken something out of the game.

But the second half was mostly Manchester City with the game practically won as Brighton presented no real threat, no threat that is until the last minute when Sterling missed a penalty shot and Brighton had a good chance of equalizing the game. I don't understand how Sterling can kick a penalty like that, I mean he is a good penalty shooter but this one he took with arrogance and he blew it over the top. This was the killer one more minute to play and two goals ahead, instead ManCity had to defend itself from giving away a draw.

Kudos to Brighton who played as good as they could but they were no match for City, looks like the top of the league is getting more interesting every day.


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