Reflections on Music, Musicoin and the futuristic Cryptonian World

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Regards people from #blurt #blockchain ,

As a musicoin ambassador, invested some weeks ago, i’m here to present you the new musicoin app v3, that you can find on your playstore folder on your phones.

The benefit of having installed the second version of the musicoin app is that musicians will be compensated immediately for every stream that you as a fan/listener will generate through your everyday listening.

The funky part is that you don't need to spend a fortune of 10/20 euros to buy the album of an artist!!!

You can listen to its music ... let's say ... for free under the protocol of PPP ( PayPerPlay)

If you want to register and become an official listener or if you're a professional musician and want to share your amazing music, you can register here:

This will be the price of the ignorance and this trend that started to become more and more known, through which everyone think art/music can be done by anyone, and, what's so hard to record an album, why do someone need to pay for the work of an artist, why should i pay 10 euros for an album, i wanted for free ... ?
The list can continue... but through the social media, which bombarded the minds of every person, and they don't have anymore the free will activated properly, everybody's feeling like being poisoned with so many informations ... and ... so ... it will depend on your power of choosing what will suit for you to listen or not ...


Here are 3 of my musicoin platforms that i'm representing, trough which you can listen the music:

“Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe”

Lucian Nagy

The page and the community for which i was invested to become a musicoin ambassador, the one entitled, MusicoinRomania, can be checked and listened to its music right here:

Hopefully that more romanian artists will join this new cryptonian musicoin platform.

Open every link through google chrome page and play which composition of mine you like, or if you feel like wanting to sustain my Art/Music, listen my music by clicking on PLAY ALL.
This is what i've always encouraged everyone who is a true art sustainer or a super listener of music, to make it like Musicoin would become his daily channel/radio music station through which will listen to independent artists and their artworks of music.

In this vast Cryptonian World, I was always searching and starting with the year of 2018, while i was involved in a film soundtrack project, to create the music with some brilliant musicians, i was also discovering some awesome people, who invited me to join this mind blowing cryptonian futuristic bussiness.

You can be remunerated through btc/eth/ltc/doge/gizmoz/holiday coin for your most fancy travels in vacation.

So, feel free to join me in this awesome bussiness here:

As well,

Not so long ago, I’ve discovered as well this way to open your own bank account, through which you will be able to purchase in stores using your crypto card in euros/dollars and sterling pound, using Wirex bank services.

Check out them HERE: and REGISTER via the link above and order your card. It’s very useful, awesome team that will assist you and you’re good to go on stores, and purchase using your new cryptonian card.

The Future will prepare every artist to become not only the composer/player of his own music, but also the entrepreneur for his art, being able to manage his own artistic corporation ... which mainly it's like the story with "All is One" :-) ... you're "Alone" ... got the idea?
As a musicoin ambassador, i'm saluting you all and wish you all the best in this new World out there.

Hopefully, people won't fell into another trap, like the old world of the social media platforms, where the evolving seeds of ignorance, depression, anxiety and so many other weird virtual-mental-problems has been growing and growing and caused somehow this distance between people ... under the fake pretext of "being connected" ...

This, actually, forcing the implementation of this new era of cryptonian world, artificial intelligence and so on ... but still without a solution found ... and we can see the problems are persisting, and the ignorance, ego, anxiety are still around us, as we can see, like the problems here on this new cryptonian planet, with the non-sustainability, through which, mainly the artists, and not only, are losing their patience, seeing that there's no altruism, no one follows back the person who followed him, no one of the so called big whales are upvoting their artworks, even if they see the blog/post :)

In this whole new world of cryptos, i think the temptation is ... again ... the money :) in a different format now :)

Do you agree with me, people from the crypto planet?

'Till next time

Regards and enjoy my music


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